Official ROWE distributor

We are proud te be appointed as exclusive distributor of the German produced, Rowe Oil for the Benelux.

ROWE - Why we choose Rowe? Many good reasons....

Through the years you have seen many oil brands being bought up by big multinational companies who aren’t concerned with making top-quality oils for the European market. 

Rowe is a relatively small, family owned oil manufacturer founded in 1995 and based entirely in Germany. This is not a small boutique oil company. Their primary manufacturing facility is a state of the art, modernized factory in Worms. Unlike many oil brands that simply relabel other companies’ products, ROWE does all their own manufacturing, including motor oils and coolant. In fact, they contract manufacture for many other, well known, international brands as well.
ZF Transmissions, Mercedes and Febi being some of them. Yes, they bottle for ZF transmissions. They manage the entire production process , from the chemistry, to the blending, to the bottling. They can control every step of quality.

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Speaking of Quality, this is the most important concept of Rowe. They prioritized quality over market share. Their goal has never been to be the largest oil manufacturer, they strive to keep ROWE a premium, best-in-class product.

Rowe also owns it’s on race team. In house testing of their oils in the most extreme conditions. Competing in such endurance races as 24 Hours of Spa.
Due to the fact that Rowe has everything from oil, coolant to brake fluid, it makes it more simple to offer all their premium products here. Many of their oils/ATFs are PAO or State-of-the-art HC synthesis technology-based.